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The Effects of a GH Rejuvenation Program

Though effects can vary by individual, a science-based nutraceutical rejuvenation program can address many age related problems including obesity, bone loss, decline in brain function, skin aging, decline in sexual function and immune fatigue.

Obesity can disrupt the endocrine system. When an individual has excessive body fat one of the most significant endocrine disturbances that occurs is a decline in GH secretion, but the blockage in GH secretion that occurs in obesity may be addressed with GH therapy. GH therapy can promote weight loss by accelerating the burning of fat by several mechanisms. Because fat cells have GH receptors, GH therapy can initiate a series of enzymatic reactions called lipolysis within fat cells increasing the mobilization of free fatty acids, which make fat stores available for energy production. Also GH, by increasing lean muscle mass, increases the body’s energy expenditure overall so that more calories are burned.

GH therapy changes body composition whereby the body loses fat and gains lean muscle. Most individuals after 3 months on a science-based nutraceutical rejuvenation formula will have lost some weight, but because of the anabolic effects of GH some individuals who exercise regularly will put on so much extra muscle while resculpturing their body that they may actually gain a few pounds, but they have a lot less fat. A science-based nutraceutical rejuvenation formula has superior benefits in promoting weight loss in obese individuals because of the synergism of the ingredients in the formula. A science-based nutraceutical rejuvenation formula containing amino secretagogues along with GHRP’s produce much better GH release than formulas that only contain amino secretagogues and are much more effective in reversing the blunted GH secretion that occurs in obesity.

Another added benefit that results from GH therapy in obese individuals is the normalization of the body’s response to insulin. Obese individuals are more likely to develop adult onset diabetes as they age. Obese individuals have cellular desensitization to insulin. This phenomenon results in rising blood sugar levels and a compensatory response of rising insulin secretion from the pancreas and elevation in blood insulin levels. Overtime the pancreas cannot keep up with increased metabolic demands placed upon it and an individual can develop full-blown diabetes. When an obese individual is able to lose weight, insulin resistance can reverse. In obese individuals GH augmentation may truly be a form of preventive medicine. Once an individual develops diabetes they have more medical expenses.

Bone formation, bone density, and collagen turnover is increased with GH supplementation. The increase of bone density may be especially helpful during late menopause, which is associated with decreased bone density and impaired bone formation because after menopause the bone forming cells (osteoblasts) become less active.

Brain function can often be improved by the use of a science-based nutraceutical GH rejuvenation formula. The brain shrinks with age and the brain’s production of neurotransmitters declines and may become imbalanced. When brain chemicals become imbalanced people begin to experience fatigue, depression, emotional mood swings, poor memory and reduced ability to concentrate. Many older individuals believe their decline in mental functions is a natural consequence of aging and that they just have to learn to accept this condition, but age-related mental decline does not have to be inevitable. GH formulas that include oral secretagogue amino acids can have beneficial effects on brain chemistry.

In addition the bioactive peptides in a science-based rejuvenation formula and the increased GH and IGF-1 levels produced by these formulas can actually restimulate growth and activity of brain cells and improve the ability of brain cells to establish new connections. Many individuals using these formulas have experienced increased energy levels and elevated mood because of GH’s direct regulatory effect on brain production of certain neurotransmitters. A science-based nutraceutical rejuvenation formula can re-invigorate the mind, improve the sense of well-being, increase stamina and many users report they have more zest for life, sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed. Cognitive changes reported by individuals who have used these formulas include improved memory and improved concentration.

Clinicians and estheticians involved in improving facial beauty have successfully used the combination of an oral science-based nutraceutical rejuvenation formula with a topical serum formula for the skin. Topical serum formulations are natural skin-care products designed to reverse skin aging and restore the health of the skin. Combining a topical serum containing GHRP-2 and FGF-1 in its formula with an oral GH formula would greatly enhance the topical formula’s effects and produce more rapid esthetic results. The combination of these products helps to smooth facial wrinkles, improve the skin’s firmness, elasticity, thickness, and helps re-hydrate skin cells. Individuals who use these products also often develop hair that is thicker and less gray as well as stronger nails.

Male sexual desire and potency parallels the decline of GH release and the decline in testosterone production that occurs in males with advancing age. As a result of the age-related decline in these two hormones the likelihood of erectile dysfunction increases as men age. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by a number of conditions, but two easily addressed factors are reestablishment of more youthful testosterone and GH levels. For any man with erectile dysfunction a discussion with their doctor about testosterone supplementation and use of a science-based rejuvenation formula may be of significant benefit. Many males have experienced increased sexual drive and function after use of an oral science-based nutraceutical rejuvenation formula. Women who use a science-based nutraceutical rejuvenation formula will also often experience a reawakening of sexual desire and a reduction of menstrual and post-menopausal symptoms.

Immune activities that have been found to improve with growth hormone are increased production of T-cells and interleukin 2, increased proliferation and activity of lymphocytes that manufacture antibodies, and increased activity of natural killer cells and macrophages. GH therapy may play an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Rejuvenation is not an overnight process. Like aging, it takes time. It is also important that those people taking part in such programs need to be patient and also add health and fitness inducing elements into their lifestyles in order to obtain maximum benefit. Important health and fitness inducing elements include:

1. Diets generally should be balanced with 30-40% protein, 20% fat and 40-50% carbohydrate. Refined sugars and processed carbohydrates should be avoided. It is important to instead consume complex carbohydrates and proteins that digest slowly. The purchase of a book on whole foods from a bookstore to learn the right types of foods to eat is advisable. In addition, give at least two hours between your last meal and bedtime. GH is released in pulses through out the day with the highest release in the early hours of sleep, and in the third and fourth hours after meals.
2. Maintain an optimum body weight. GH production declines in obesity. To maintain your natural production of GH keep your weight down.

3. Regular exercise especially weight training for 45-minutes to 1 hour 3 to 4 times a week has been shown to increase levels of GH.

4. Restful sleep of at least 7-8 hours per night is one of the most important factors in promoting normal GH secretion during sleep. Growing teenagers and individuals recovering from illness may need 10-12 hours of sleep per night.

Because U.S. consumers pressed government regulators to keep nutritional supplement and skin care product industries mostly unregulated, consumers must keep a “Buyer Beware” attitude. Professionals and consumers would be well advised to make sure that, when selecting a nutraceutical product, they select only science-based nutraceutical oral and topical formulated products containing scientifically documented and proven effective ingredients, manufactured by a company dedicated to producing the most effective product possible and manufactured in a U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulated laboratory.

This guide has hopefully clearly identified the unique advantages of science-based rejuvenation formulas as a GH enhancing therapy. It has been the experience of thousands of users that such science-based formulas are a safe and highly effective anti-aging approach.


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