Fitness Rejuvenation Program

You will achieve maximum results when you combine Natropin with a Proper Diet, Exercise, and a Healthy Lifestyle.

You will burn fat faster and build lean muscle when you use Natropin, however, you will not lose weight if you eat too much or if you eat the wrong kinds of food no matter what products you take.

The first step is to count your calories. Keep eating the same as you always do for a week. But for each meal, find out what the ingredients are and the amount of each ingredient. Look at the calories on the packages the foods came in. Then total up all the calories for each meal and keep a list of all the calories you are consuming each day.

Next, calculate your Body Mass Index or BMI . That will tell you how much you should weigh. The BMI is an approximation. The best determinant of weight is the mirror. A gallon of water weighs about 8 lbs. So if you drink a lot of water and then weigh yourself, you will weigh more. If you have a lot of muscle, you will weigh more because muscle weighs more than fat.

Once you determine how much weight you need to lose, you need to determine how many calories you need to burn. First use the BMR Calculator. BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate measures the number of calories you burn without doing anything.

Now add up the number of calories you consume daily and subtract it by the BMR. The result is the extra calories that you must eliminate from your diet or burn up with exercise. There are 3500 calories in 1 pound of fat. So to lose a pound of fat, you must either burn 500 cal/day or reduce your diet by 500 cal/day, or a combination of both.

Design a diet that works for you. Try to eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables and whole grains. But you can also eat foods that you like even if they have a lot of calories if you limit the portions of those foods or if you exercise more.

When trying to lose weight, a proper diet is 70% of the equation. Sticking to a good diet will at a minimum stop you from gaining more weight. A really good diet will start you on the path to losing weight. The other 30% of the equation is exercise.

There are thousands of diet plans out there. But there are no magic bullets. We suggest that you design a diet that's right for you. Eat foods that you like in smaller amounts or change the foods you eat to ones with fewer calories. For example, instead of bacon and eggs for breakfast, switch to a bowl of oatmeal. There are just 150 calories in a bowl of oatmeal.